Want to DJ for I’m Shmacked?! Here’s Your Chance

This is your opportunity to get the crowd turnt up and showcase your skills.

Play in front of thousands at Irving Plaza on November 27th as you open up the I'm Shmacked Thanksgiving Eve Rager in New York City. Philly DJs, you'll also be able to perform at the I'm Shmacked Thanksgiving Eve Rager at Sound Garden.

Can you get the party going? Do you have what it takes? Can you DJ while being SHMACKED? This is your chance to find out.

NYC: Submit your mix here and get your fans to vote for you. PHILLY: Submit your mix here and get your fans to vote for you. We'll be searching for DJs who have a following, who can mix and who have the right song selection.

The winner be announced November 25th.