DJ Khaled Gets Ruthlessly Booed Off The Stage At EDC After God Awful Festival Performance

DJ Khaled booed off stage at EDC


Electric Daisy Carnival is an EDM festival which was so successful it launched satellite EDC festivals all over. It was built on the backs of the best electronic DJs in the world. For some reason, someone somewhere got it in their head that this year they should sign DJ Khaled as one of the musical acts. DJ Khaled, as you know, is a man who made a name for himself on Snapchat and Instagram with his ‘keys’.

To anyone looking in from the outside, DJ Khaled is NOT a logical fit for EDC. It’s not that he makes bad music, it just doesn’t at all gel with what the crowd came to see. This isn’t modern day Bonnaroo or Coachella with Hip-Hop and Rock-n-Roll headliners. It’s a festival that people attend strictly to see electronic DJ’s, and instead of trying to massage his stage presence/act to fit the crowd DJ Khaled went out there and tried to force his music down the crowd’s throat, which is the opposite of what they wanted.

The video above shows a running counter that tallies every time the crowd stops DJ Khaled to loudly boo him, which gets to ’14’ loud boos before DJ Khaled leaves the stage. According to, instead of owning his failure to adapt to the crowd and cringe-worthy performance, DJ Khaled is blaming the festival and saying they sabotaged him by cutting his sound unfairly:

Does DJ Khaled wake up today just as rich and successful as he was this time last week? Absolutely. Is his ego irreparably bruised after getting booed off stage by a few thousand Millennials? Probably, but only time will tell, and we’ll have to see what DJ Khaled does next before knowing how he’ll react to this controversy.

Deadmau5, one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, has responded to DJ Khaled’s Instagram complaint that he was sabotaged:


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