DMX Didn’t Like the Internet Calling Him a Bitch, So He Rode the Sling Shot Again to Prove He’s a Badass


A few weeks ago, a video of DMX riding a Sling Shot hit the web. The Internet consumed it en masse, because that’s what we do when DMX does things. However, a lot of bloggers apparently commented that DMX’s enthusiastic screams made him sound like a little bitch. X must have read those blogs because he felt the need to ride the Sling Shot again to prove them wrong. Did you skip my post, motherfucker? I didn’t call you a bitch, bro. I just called you a motherfucker, sure, but where I come from, that’s high praise.

Anyway, X took on the Sling Shot again and he even tried to smoke a cigarette while doing it, but the ride operator sent him flying into the air before someone could light it for him. What an asshole that ride operator is.

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