Download The 1975’s Ode to Herb ‘Chocolate’ And Pretty Lights’ Album ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’

I was unfamiliar with The 1975 until recently but there's a good reason they've accumulated over a million plays on their catchy single Chocolate. While not being a full on “weed song” in the Kottonmouth Kings sense of the word, you can watch members band explain the lyrics on video over at RapGenius (which may in fact be the best invention ever if you've never seen it before) and download for free via the iTunes link below!

The 1975 – Chocolate | DOWNLOAD FREE ON iTUNES

Those that don't know the whole story behind Derek Vincent Smith and his Pretty Lights persona are in for a special treat when listening to this album. Not only has he released everything he's ever done since 2009 but he consistently pushes the boundaries of sound by crossing hip-hop, funk, dubstep and soul music through a heavy use of digital sampling. For this album, he painstakingly created all of the “samples” himself by first recording original material onto vinyls and then using them to create his electronic music over the course of two years. There is to be an accompanying documenatry about the album coming soon and you can download the whole album for free at his website

Pretty Lights – A Color Map Of The Sun