Yeaaahhh Boyyy: Flavor Flav Arrested For Being Pretty Much A One-Man Party In Vegas

by 4 years ago


Nooooo!!!! Flavor Flav — founding member of Public Enemy AND host of the iconic VH1 reality show of my college years, Flavor of Love — was arrested in Vegas early Thursday morning resulting from a traffic stop. Basically, he’s getting the book thrown at him. According to the TMZ breakdown of charges, it sounds like he was pretty much a one-man party:

— Possession of marijuana
— Open container
— Speeding
— Bogus registration
— Driving with a suspended license

Dude. What the hell? Come on, Flavor Flav.

That mug shot, though. Priceless. Just a shame he didn’t have a clock necklace on.

[H/T: TMZ]

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