Friends Of David Bowie Reveal They Believe He Orchestrated His Own Death, Right Down To The Final Details

Many were shocked to hear about the passing of rock icon David Bowie when he passed away due to cancer at age 69 back in January of this year.

This was because many of us, including myself, weren’t even aware that Bowie had cancer or was even sick.

Now, two friends of the late Bowie have come forward to say that they believe that the rock icon actually orchestrated his own death right down to the very end.

In a lengthy tribute to Bowie’s life for The Daily Mail, rock writer Lesley-Ann Jones quotes two friends of Bowie’s who believe that because Bowie stage-managed literally everything in his life he even did so when it came to his own death.

‘Seemingly, David Bowie stage-managed his own demise,’ says the respected broadcaster and former BBC Radio 1 DJ Andy Peebles, who interviewed David on numerous occasions.

‘Two singles released so closely together, the biggest album of his career launched on his 69th birthday, and then, two days later, he dies. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see that as coincidental,’ Andy says.

‘It has been suggested to me in quite a number of phone calls that his death was the result of assisted suicide. Who might have assisted him, and exactly how they did so, we will never know. To protect them, I am sure he won’t have involved his family or his close friends.

‘But when you think about it, David stage-managed absolutely everything else, throughout his entire career. Why would his death be any different? If he was able to do it on his own terms, good for him.

‘It’s what we’d all wish for. I consider it remarkable, the way he organised his ending.’

It would be somehow appropriate if true, wouldn’t it?

Another friend of Bowie’s echoed those sentiments…

Rock manager and producer Simon Napier-Bell points out that, just a day or so before he died, ‘he [Bowie] was photographed outside his apartment building in a beautifully cut charcoal suit, tie and a fedora, wearing a big broad smile and looking fabulous.

‘It was a deliberate act. As was everything he did. He knew that he was dying. He’d known for about 18 months. And that’s how he wanted to be remembered: upbeat and happy. He controlled his image to the last.’

Dammit, we’re going to miss this guy for a very long time.

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