Guy Dresses As Steve Aoki At An EDM Festival, Ravers Go Nuts

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.00.39 PM

The original raver rafter, Steve Aoki, is one of the more endearing characters in the EDM scene. When he shows up, everyone wants to snap a selfie with him and get caked. As YouTuber Jarrad Seng tells it, he’s often mistaken for Steve Aoki. So at Barcelona’s Stereosonic Music Festival, Seng went all-in as a Aoki doppelganger, complete with the beard and hair. As he tells it:

Yeah so I get mistaken for Steve Aoki a LOT. Especially as a photographer working in the music industry (although I tour with guys like Passenger – not quite the same genre). It’s been a weekly thing for the past five years… at music festivals, bars, on Instagram… it even happened on the streets of Barcelona once. So the other day when I saw that New York catcall video I wondered what would happen if I did the same thing… but as Steve. At stereosonic. Where he was headlining.

His reaction from the crowd is pretty priceless: