When Life Gives You Lemons You Jump On Stage At An EDM Festival And Wreck Shit Like There’s No Tomorrow

Just because there are hundreds (or thousands) of other people at the concert you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s really important in life: YOU having a good time. Screw all those other people who bought tickets to the Koningsdagfeest EDM Festival, you’re there to Koningsdafuckshitup, and if that means jumping on stage and scuffling with a bouncer, only to take out the entire DJ setup on your way back down to the crowd, so be it. THIS. IS. Koningsdagfeest! It’s not amateur hour. It’s not Ultra or Tomorrow World, this is the goddamn BIG LEAGUES of EDM festivals!

The description below the video is as follows: “Dat je met een paar bakkies teveel op dingen doet waar je later spijt van krijgt, zal ons allemaal wel bekend voorkomen, maar als je koste wat kost het feestje van de rest moet verpesten dan ben je gewoon een droeftoeter.” which translates (according to Google) to: “That with a few bakkies doing too many things that you regret later , all of us will be familiar to you, but if you’re at all costs the party of the remainder to ruin then you’re just a sad horn.”

I don’t speak Dutch, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what this usage of ‘bakkies’ translates to. This ‘Dutch Word of the Day’ site claims it translates to ‘piece of cake’ or ‘child’s play’, but I’m not really sure how that would fit into the translation from Google. So for now I’ll assume that ‘Bakkies’ is similar to bath salts or flakka (the latter has been blowing up in Florida recently).

As pointed out by Chris Spags over on Barstool, another way to look at this video is as such: “If You’re Going To Be Underaged, Drunk, And Ruin A Party, This Is How You Do It”.