This Bro Freestyle Rapping On Venice Beach Is Proof That Eminem Isn’t The Only Great White Rapper

Eminem’s such a damn fine rapper that every rapper of the Caucasian persuasion will forever be compared to him. I’m not here to compare some dude freestyling on Venice Beach to Eminem, that’d be idiotic, I’m just here to acknowledge that there’s a lot of talent out there from white rappers not named Marshall Mathers.

Everyone has a gift in life, and this dude’s gift is the ability to freestyle on the fly about clothes people are wearing in his general vicinity. Is this a talent? You bet your ass it is. Is this a useful talent? Well, that depends on how much $$$$$ this guy was earning in tips on Venice Beach. If he’s actually able to turn this into a few buck then hell yes it’s a useful talent.

Maybe, if he’s not able to make a buck by freestyling he could pursue a career in improv because he certainly has the skills to act/think on the fly. I have to imagine that incredible freestyling skills translate well into the Whose Line Is It Anyway format with a little bit of practice, right?

[via r/videos]