The ‘Complete History Of Rock’ — From Elvis Presley On Through The White Stripes, This Will Get You Hyped AF

This ‘History of Rock’ from Ithaca Audio spans 348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs, and 44 drummers from Elvis Presley on through The White Stripes, with every notable rock act in between. With the sad, sad, awful, completely shitty state of music on the radio these days this ‘History of Rock’ supercut is just what the doctor ordered, and by ‘doctor’ I obviously mean the Doctor of Funk.

I don’t want to give away too much here, so all I will say before you check out the ‘History of Rock’ supercut is this might be the best video you watch in the month of March, assuming you have decent taste in music:

With every passing year I feel like the music on the radio gets shittier and shittier. I’m not convinced it’s because the music on the radio now is the worst at any point in history, I think I just came into the world at a time when badass rock n roll music was still being played on the radio, and that’s what I was accustomed to enjoy at a very young age.

It is sad though that the older I get (the older we all get), the worse pop music sounds, and how the radio becomes nearly intolerable. I’m at a point in life where I almost exclusively listen to music on my iPhone, Spotify, or if the radio’s on then I’m listening to NPR or country radio (say what you want, but at least country music is putting out real songs). I’m not really going anywhere with any of this, it’s more just a sad realization that music is only going the opposite direction of what I want to hear…

[h/t TastefullyOffensive]