Not For Snowflakes: How To Drive A Stick Shift Explained Using Death Metal Music

Does aggressively loud music hurt your delicate little ears? Then this tutorial is not for you. If, you have some stones and are interested in learning how to drive a manual vehicle and/or just want to hear a funny Death Metal song, then this is for you.

My first car was a manual, and I’m a firm believer that everyone in America should know how to drive stick and not just because it’ll be the only car rental option when you travel to Central and South America. I truly believe that being able to drive manual makes you a better driver because it teaches you to be more in tune with the vehicle. When everything’s on autopilot you don’t notice the tiny nuances of change happening to your vehicle, but when you’re constantly driving by feel you pay attention to a whole lot more than Park and Drive.

In case you were wondering, the heavy metal musician in charge of this video is Travis Bartosek and it was put together by RiffShop. I only hope they make this a permanent staple, teaching every useful skill by using Death Metal.

(h/t Tastefully Offensive)

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