Luke Bryan And Fallon Wrote An Awesome Song About Being Unable To Pronounce ‘Gyro’

by 2 years ago

Is it gee-ro? Guy-ro? Ji-ro? Hero? Maybe you thought you knew how to spell the word ‘gyro’ before watching this music video from Country Music megastar Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon, but now that you’ve watched this clip you’re possibly second guessing yourself.

Luke Bryan’s always seemed like a great dude, one that knows how to party and is very able to laugh at himself. His bromance with Blake Shelton sort of propelled him into the #1 spot in Country Music quicker than anyone expected, but he’s been sitting atop the podium for several years now.

I’m fairly certain that this music video was paid for by ‘Big Gyro’ lobbyists because I’m now sitting here thinking about lunch and a gyro is the only thing that’s coming to mind…And, for what it’s worth, it’s pronounced ‘year-o’.

What I love about this clip is seeing that Luke’s kept his humility throughout the time that he’s become one of the biggest names in music. People who don’t listen to or like Country Music at least know Luke Bryan’s name, and even if they can’t name a song of his they’d certainly recognize them as being familiar from the radio.

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