The Lonely Island Just Dropped A Panty-Soaking Banger Titled ‘I’m So Humble’ Featuring Adam Levine

It’s only been live for about 10 minutes but some people (me, really it’s just me) are calling this new track from Andy Sambgerg’s The Lonely Island the ‘Song of the Summer’. It’s been quite some time since we saw the group made famous from SNL drop a track, but ‘I’m So Humble’ is their triumphant return to the world of music.

If this is anything like ‘I’m On A Boat’ then ‘I’m So Humble’ is going to spread like goddamn wildfire. What surprises me the most is The Lonely Island choosing to release this as an ‘audio only’ video on YouTube when in the past they’ve had immense success with their music videos. Methinks a hilarious music video is forthcoming from The Lonely Island for ‘I’m So Humble’, and this is just scratching the surface.

UPDATE: They Just Dropped ANOTHER Track Titled ‘Mona Lisa’

With Andy Samberg rapping bars and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine singing the chorus ‘I’m So Humble’ is catchy as hell. If we’re being honest I think this song might be better than Justin Timberlake‘s new track last week which, if you read my write up, I’m a huge fan of.

Now go forth into the world and share the latest banger from Adam Levine and The Lonely Island with your bros, because bros love Andy Samberg’s tracks!