The Killers And Jimmy Kimmel Just Dropped A Music Video For The Only Christmas Song You Need To Hear

Anthracite is as much a part of Christmas as it is the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Much of America has been shaped by coal, and yet we’ve never had a sufficient explanation as to how it sunk it’s sooty tendrils into the Christmas tradition.

Well last night The Killers and Jimmy Kimmel dropped a music video for a song that already certain will never get out of my head, ‘Joel, the Lump of Coal’. I’ve only listened to it twice now but I’m already envisioning a future where strangers catch me accidentally singing some Christmas song about a lump of coal, and I come off looking like some sort of crazed jackass. That of course doesn’t mean I’m not a crazed jackass, I just prefer to hide that from strangers.

So bros, here it is, the only Christmas song you need to add to your holiday play list. Just blast this track on repeat and your shindig is guaranteed to be a success:


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