Juvenile Beat The Sh*t Out Of A Waffle House Customer After Dude Insulted The Rapper’s Wife


Longtime rapper Juvenile was just trying to get some late-night food at a South Carolina Waffle House the other night when, because of one unfortunate comment, he found himself in a full-on melee with an employee.

According to TMZ, witnesses said another customer suggested that the rapper’s wife was a ho, saying, “Juvenile here, here come all the hos now.” Not smart dude.

As the surveillance video shows, Juvenile went full on apeshit on the guy, who clearly felt as if the comment was directed at his wife, coming to her defense by beating the hell out of the poor guy.

TMZ also obtained pics of the damage to the victim, and, well let’s just say Juvenile did a fucking number on his face.







While the victim admits that he’s a huge fan of the rapper’s, he still told TMZ that he’s planning on, possibly, suing. Yeah, that might be a good idea, man.


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