Guess What Kanye Is Probably Calling His New Album?

From the BBC:

Mixed emotions greet reports that Kanye West is considering calling his first child North. It's a good joke, from a slightly unexpected source (neither the rapper nor his possibly even more famous partner, Kim Kardashian, are best known for their self-deprecating sallies, although the title Kanye is supposed to be contemplating for his new album, I Am God, is said to be “half tongue-in-cheek”).


And from Questlove:

Yes, Kanye is probably going to call his eagerly anticipated sixth studio album I Am God. There are three possibilities for why he would do this:

1. He's a self-aware troll.

This would explain his relationship with Kim Kardashian, his admission that CALLING HIMSELF GOD is *only* half tongue-in-cheek, and his 8,345 concert monologues this year.

2. He's copying Big Brother.

Jay-Z has long called himself “Hova,” a play off “Jehovah,” because he's the God MC, or the best. He mentioned in his book Decoded that he also chose the name because he enjoyed “pissing off religious conservatives.” Not a huge stretch to think Kanye's aiming for similar ground.

3. He actually believes he's God.

This possibility should at least be left on the table.

No word yet on when the new album is released—but rumor has it that we might be looking at a summer release date. Gods do not set release dates.