Broke-Ass Rapper Kanye West Wants To Tell You The Sad Story About His Friend Who Is Making $90,000 A Year

Last night, Kanye West went on a rant about his personal finances. Yeezy claims he is in debt to the tune of $54 million, which is a hard number for any rationale human being to sympathize with. In fact, just the other evening he asked Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley tycoons to “invest $1 billion into Yeezy ideas,” which — given his public due diligence — sounds like an investment with a weird ROI.

Last night he fired away on another Twitter rant about his weird financial situation:

And today he’s back on the subject, but uses an analogy to illustrate how clueless he really is about what is “normal” when it comes to money.

Teachers getting paid more is nice and all, but CAN WE STOP AND TALK FOR A SECOND ABOUT HOW MUCH GETTING PAID $370 DOLLARS A DAY IS?

Kanye… If you’re going to give us a sob story, please try to not give us one about someone making $90,000 a year before taxes. K? Thanks.

Maybe you should start slinging more $40 t-shirts. Or start taking advice from someone who knows what’s up:

‘Atta girl, Suze Orman.

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