Kanye West Is Being A Jackass Again, Goes On Bitchy Rant At Concert About His Beef With Jay-Z

I like Kanye. Late Registration and Graduation are still in constant rotation on my Spotify. But he’s a jackass — in the words of President Obama himself — and a prime example of a celebrity whose fame has gone to his head.

I consider Kanye’s 2011 album with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne, a watershed cultural moment. You literally have the two biggest names in hip hop coming together to create musical magic in the best collaboration album since Mos Def and Talib Kweli created Black Star. A couple of months after the album came out, I had a frank conversation with Questlove about it. He said it ushered in an era of “Arena Hip Hop” that, when you look at performs like Drake and Future, we’re clearly still in.

Apparently, Kanye doesn’t look back on 2011 so fondly. Last night at a Saint Pablo tour stop in Seattle, Kanye went on a public rant about his friendship with Jay-Z, which sounds like it went sour over some business dealings with Tidal. via BSO:

Y’all ain’t get what y’all was suppose to get with me and Drake because of some Tidal/Apple[Music] bullsh*t. This sh*t got me tight, yo! Every time I perform [‘N*ggas in Paris’], I think about this sh*t. I think about the politics and the bullsh*t. I think about how hard I go for music, for art, for y’all, the fans. How hard we go.

The music isn’t the only thing that’s got Kanye feeling some type of way. The rapper went on to rant about how Blue Ivy and North have yet to have a playdate and how Jay-Z should have made an in-person visit following wife, Kim Kardashian’s horrific robbery incident in Paris. Ye feels that Hov should have visited his home “like brothers” instead of just making a phone call.

He then said that there will never be a Watch The Throne 2 because of the business b.s. between Tidal and Apple Music, both direct competitors:

“There will never be a ‘Watch the Throne 2.’ You know why? Cause that’s the reason why I wasn’t on the song,” Kanye told the crowd, presumably referring to his verse on Drake’s “Pop Style” that was removed on the official Apple-released album.

“I wasn’t on the song because of Hova … Y’all didn’t get what you were supposed to get on this song because of some Tidal-Apple bullshit.”

Here’s the part where he dug in at Hova for “only calling” and not coming by to visit Kim after her traumatic robbery-at-gun-point in Paris.

Wow. What a little bitch. Throwing your boy under the bus publicly like that? This is not Bro behavior. That’s little bitch behavior. Kanye’s anti-Broness is nauseating. Dude has zero chill. Bros know how to keep their chill with their Bros because they value their friendships. This is how you can tell that Yeezy doesn’t have any meaningful friends in his life — He is constantly surrounded by yes men and enablers kissing his ass and fluffing him over whatever stupid life/artistic decision he makes. Even worse, his disciples of Yeezus fans lap up without thinking about it. Then he goes on an emotional tirade about the state of a friendship with Jay-Z IN PUBLIC to make everything worse. Classic egomaniacal behavior.

Dude, learn to control your emotions — Airing your grievances over a partnership like such insecure bitch boy behavior. Plus how can you criticize the dude for “not doing enough”  or making a playdate with your daughter. Did you ever think that you married into the most toxic reality show family in America and maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce want their daughter to be above all that? Jay-Z and Beyonce have chill. Kanye and Kim? Not so much.

I can’t wait for Jay-Z to drop some shade at Kanye now and kill their bromance forever, especially since Kanye swung his proverbial fist first.

Or, better yet, Jay-Z and Bey go the high road and brush their shoulders off.

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