Kanye West’s New Album ‘SWISH’ Potentially Leaked On Reddit, Kanye Likely Having A Meltdown Right Now

Allegedly, a Reddit user may have recorded Kanye West’s forthcoming album SWISH from outside of a listening party Yeezy was hosting. The revelation was made in the r/HipHopHeads on Tuesday afternoon by user dxnxixlrxsxnxbxrx.

Word on the street is the recording is extremely crude, but many commenters have chimed in saying this seems like the real deal. There’s no question Kanye West is somewhere having a meltdown over this right now, as there’s literally no better way to poach a creative artist’s integrity than by leaking their work. In the case of SWISH, that work has been long-anticipated by millions of fans.

Here’s the alleged track listing:

And this is what the Reddit user in question had to say in comments elaborating about the Yeezy leak…

Complex was the first to pick the story up:

You can hear bits and pieces of songs and thanks to some crafty internet users, it looks like the album includes the long-rumored song, “Piss On Your Grave,” with Paul McCartney, as well as a collaboration with Bruno Mars. The full possible tracklist from a user that went through the recording can be seen below. Kanye has been known to throw random listening sessions for his albums before they actually drop, so that could explain where the recording came from if it is indeed real. Not much is currently known about SWISH, but lately there have been rumors swirling that the album could possibly drop on Apple Music and that Kanye was still negotiating terms of the deal.

Although the original post containing the download link has been removed from the original post, it appears it is floating around on the internet somewhere, downloadable as a .mp3 file.

I’m almost scared for the user who posted the SWISH leak, whether it’s real or not. No way Yeezy doesn’t tap his sources to get to the bottom of this and slap a bounty on their head, right? After a colossal histrionic meltdown that only Kim Kardashian’s ass can console, of course.

We’ll keep you updated if any more information surfaces regarding SWISH.