Kanye West Doubles Down, Says It Was Taylor Swift’s Idea To Call Her A Bitch In His New Song

This morning we covered the *news* of Kanye West asking Taylor Swift to tweet his song about having sex with her.

After I hit publish, a new wrinkle developed.

I’ll wait for you to finish gasping.

It was originally reported that Taylor Swift was not onboard with the jam, telling Kanye West to not use misogynistic language in his songs about her.

Kanye West said it was Taylor Swift, SWIFT HERSELF, who said it would be funny for him to call her a bitch.

Get. OUT.

(Don’t see how that point is relevant, but continue Kanye.)

Oh, shit. Kayne throwing heat.


Of course, that makes no mention of the line about him still being able to have sex with her, but hey, that’s just semantics at this point.


Or don’t.