Kendrick Lamar Crashed A Random Wedding In Columbus, Ohio And Started Dabbing On The Dance Floor

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Apparently this happened last month, but TMZ just got ahold of some video from the Kendrick’s party crash. Here’s how uncool I am, though: I thought “dabbing” was smoking dabs of marijuana wax. Apparently it’s a dance that’s all the rage these days. So I watched this video and kept waiting to see K Dot rip some dabs while listening to Whitney Houston’s “Dance With Somebody.” He’s just lit AF dancing his brains out.

The wedding was in a Columbus, OH hotel last month, and in this video you see Kendrick (in the green hat) hit the dance floor as Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is blaring. It’s pretty funny, very few people are dancing and Kendrick takes over the floor … until an older gentleman starts asking questions.

“You guys are in this party? Who got married?”

Of course, Kendrick and co. had no clue who got married, and the guy got in their faces.

We’re told someone else eventually realized it was Kendrick and squashed any beef.

Very chill of them to let the best rapper alive stay. Hope he got a piece of the wedding cake. Have to imagine it was delicious.

[H/T: TMZ]

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