Little Kids Play An INCREDIBLE Tribute To Led Zeppelin On Xylophones And Marimbas

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like: If the thunderous riffs of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” don’t make you swell an sweat with rapturous joy, you’re just a miserly dullard who doesn’t have a pulse and hates FUN. Zeppelin is wonderful, Zeppelin is life.

This video of the Louisville Leapord Percussionists doing a tribute to Zeppelin on xylophones and marimbas is so damn good, the band’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page himself noticed it and gave it some love on his Facebook page. What’s even cooler is that all the kids are age 7-12 in the video, which will make you look in the mirror and realize just how little you’ve accomplished at double (or triple) their age.

Tremendously done. Listen to it with the volume cranked. Shouts to their music teachers for nurturing such a talented group of youngsters.

[H/T: Live for Live Music]

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