Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ Played Using Toys Is A Masterpiece

If ‘Battle of the Bands’ still existed I’d say these bros need to enter immediately because they’d win all the awards with this style of performance. Alas, I haven’t seen a flier for a ‘Battle of the Bands’ in probably 10 years, so I think they’ve found their home on YouTube.

It seems like they’ve taken the concept from Jimmy Fallon. Occasionally, when Jimmy gets big name acts on his show she likes to have them play iconic songs using office supplies or classroom instruments. It’s a sketch concept which has been incredibly successful for Fallon, but THE WACKIDS take it one step further by filming a borderline music video using toys.

Is this the best version of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ from RATM that I’ve ever seen? Hell no. Nobody plays this song as good as Tom Morello, except for maybe me on Guitar Hero. But it is a fun take on one of the greatest songs written in the past few decades.

If you need a Rage Against The Machine fix, here’s a YouTube playlist to get you through the morning:

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