Rapper Thrown Back In Jail For Violating Probation And Hitting The Titty Bar

Kodak Black arrested

YouTube / Kodak Black

Only in Florida…

A rapper who was scheduled to perform tonight in NYC at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square has been forced to cancel his tour and his 9 other concerts this month because he’s been arrested for probation violation.

Rapper Kodak Black recently hit #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his new single ‘Tunnel Vision’, and he had a shit ton of concerts scheduled between now and the end of June, but he’ll have to cancel all of them as he’ll be spending time in jail. Why? Kodak Black was found at the titty bar. Specifically, footage showed him at Miami’s Club Lexx strip club, and he was also found to have attended Adrien Broner’s boxing match in Cincinnati back on February 18th.

XXL Mag is reporting that Kodak Black was placed on house arrest for 5 years due to an arrest last Summer:

Back in August, Kodak was sentenced to five years of probation for those charges. According to the warrant for his arrest, Kodak violated probation by “failing to remain confined to his approved residence except for one half hour before and after approved employment, public service work, or any other special activities approved by the officer […] on various times and dates, as evidenced from the pictures on video showing the offender at various places that were not approved.”
Those places include a strip club called Club Lexx in Miami on or around Feb. 1 and Adrien Broner’s boxing match in Cincinnati, Ohio on Feb. 18.

Atlantic Records has sent XXL the following statement: “We are sorry to hear about the recent circumstances surrounding Kodak Black. His lawyers are working diligently on this matter and are hopeful that this will be resolved by next week. The remainder of Kodak Black’s “Back and Better” Tour has been postponed. Details on rescheduled tour dates forthcoming.” (via)


You’re an aspiring rapper with a track on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Tunnel Vision’ has over 27 million views on YouTube since it was released on February 16th….This, this just might be the most aggressive rap video I’ve ever seen:

Why in the fuck would you step out and get caught at a strip club or boxing match when a judge showed you leniency in the form of house arrest?!?! You were still allowed to work. Your career was taking off. Now all of your performances have been canceled, your record label is almost certainly giving up on you, and you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time in jail for the foreseeable future.

I can’t fathom making a mistake like this.

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