Kygo’s New Single Is The Next Big Thing You Should Be Playing When It Comes To Chilling Out With Your Bros

I have to admit I was never big on Kygo since I’m typically more into artists like Borgore and Diplo, who both have much harder sounds as opposed to Kygo’s tropical house. Even after seeing him at TomorrowWorld where all my friends ranted and raved about how amazing he was, I still wasn’t sold.

Well ladies and gentlemen, slap a price tag on my ass and slide me across a barcode scanner because I’ve been sold and couldn’t get off this Kygo train even if I wanted to.

Kygo’s new single, “Firestone,” will not only take your breath away with how intimate and relatable the lyrics are but the actual composition of the song reminds us why Kygo is becoming a household name: melodies that can lift any mood while helping you to settle down at the same time. If listening to this doesn’t chill you out and instantly put you into your “happy place” then please see the nearest doctor, because there’s something seriously wrong with you.