Liam Gallagher Talked About Oasis ‘Inevitably’ Making Music Again But I’m Still Not Convinced

Liam and Noel Gallagher, the bros who together make up the band Oasis, pretty much can’t be in the same zip code without wanting to stab one another. Oasis fans have been longing for a reunion ever since the band broke up back in 2009 after Liam threw a plum at Noel and wielded Noel’s guitar like an axe. The dispute that took place after Noel accused Liam of canceling their concert due to a hangover when Liam Gallagher had, in fact, been diagnosed by a doctor with laryngitis. Yes, I quickly glossed over the fact that they broke up after one brother threw a plum at the other but I want to revisit that quickly and let that sink in.

Well, in a recent interview with Beats 1 Liam Gallagher talked about his non-existent relationship with his brother Noel, as well as ‘inevitably’ making Oasis music together in the future (via unilad):

The most important thing that people keep missing is that me and our kid don’t speak and that’s the saddest thing about it.
Two wrongs don’t make no right. So before Oasis get back together and before there’s cheques knocking about, me and him need to start becoming brothers and friends again, and inevitably we’ll start making music.

What I find funny about the broken relationship between these two brothers is how they seem to fight like every set of brothers on the entire fucking planet, yet they can’t reconcile and make up like every set of brothers on the entire fucking planet. Just look at this quote from the interview:

I’m right here, I ain’t going away. I find it funny taking the piss out of my older brother who thinks his shit don’t stink. I find it funny. He prods me and I prod him. I’m letting him know that I’m still here.

That sounds like something anyone with a sibling could’ve said at some point in their life. Yet these bros can’t seem to squash their beef. (h/t unilad)