We Asked Lil Jon What He Would Never Turn Down For. His Response Was Ridiculous.


If there’s a party, Lil Jon is in his element. For over 15 years, Jedi wizard master of turning down, turning up, getting low, doing shots, and bendin’ ova has made a career out of being the life of the party. If there’s a crowd, he knows how to pop it off. If there’s a beat, all he has to do is scream to get people dancing. It doesn’t have to be on spring break or chillin’ at a pool in Vegas, either. Just look what the crunk master did on Friday night at Bud Light’s Whatever USA, where Lil Jon performed to 1300 thirsty revelers in the remote mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado.

If you’re not moving, check your pulse.

Immediately afterwards, before Lil Jon headed to do karaoke, I had an opportunity to hold a camera up to his face and ask him all sorts of ridiculous questions, including his favorite breakfast food and what he’d never turn down for. Hearing Lil Jon yell “WHAT?!” or “OKAY!!!” in real-life is a check off the bucket list.

One of the great celebrity ball-busters of our time, he was charismatic and funny as hell. No wonder Dave Chapelle loves this guy:


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Watch the music video for his new single, “Bend Ova” here: