Limp Bizkit’s Comeback Song is the Worst Thing You’ll Hear Today

The song in question—”Ready to Go”—is six inexplicable minutes long. It features a Lil Wayne verse that may have been recorded from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. And, as you might have expected, it's hilariously bad. Durst drops dated references to the 2008 song “Poker Face” and that time he may have hooked up with Britney Spears 13 years ago. He unleashes this 2Pac-ian couplet at one point, “Packing me a chainsaw/I'm at the afterparty bout to start another brawl,” and he says that he's “here to save rock.”

Then, at the 4:30-mark, the rap-rock throwback shifts to an industrial guitar instrumental, sounding just like Nine Inch Nails' groundbreaking work two decades ago. The song ends on this note. We're left pondering Durst's 2012 quote on the new album. “This one is for nu metal rock fans. No one else.” If, like the proverbial tree in the forest, no nu metal fans exist, will “Disco Elephants” actually make a sound?

[H/T: Uproxx]