Macklemore Surprised His Grandma With The Best 100th Birthday Ever And Turned It Into A Music Video

This is one of the best music videos ever produced. Macklemore surprised his adorable grandma for her 100th birthday and gave her the best birthday ever. He told her that they’d spend the entire day doing whatever she felt like doing, and that’s exactly what they did. Macklemore and his grandma egged a house, went to a bar, went shopping. They hit the town. And he turned the entire day into his new music video for ‘Glorious’, currently the #4 Trending video on YouTube.

Other highlights from Grandma’s ‘Glorious’ 100th birthday was Macklemore getting her name tattooed on his arm. They went cruising around the grocery store in electric carts. They played cards because of course they did, grandmas love playing cards….He even ordered a stripper for grandma and her friends.

Everything about this is perfect. He managed to give grandma a special day and you can see the joy all over her face, and he flipped it into an amazing music video.