Macklemore Dropped New Song ‘Spoons’ And You’re Probably Better Off Listening To Actual Spoons Dropping

Macklemore dropped a new song called Spoons today. Many people are calling it “the worst song ever recorded” (like these people and these people) and those people know more about music than I do but…hyperbole.

Spoons isn’t great. It’s no Thrift Shop. Forty years from now you’ll hear Thrift Shop. Ironically while shopping in one while the CD is for sale for a $1 just a couple aisles away. Spoons is not the worst song ever recorded. Not while Yoko Ono has a playable music archive.

Here’s the thing though. Music is like porn. People consume both but all is not made for everyone. Some people like age play and pegging and some people don’t. Some people like Macklemore and some don’t and yes I just used a dildo up the ass to make a point about a Macklemore song. Will Macklemore fans like Spoon? Probably. Will bros be reciting lines like…

“Then she’s like “I’m tired” and I’m like “Aw, man” / I was ’bout to crush the coochie like a tall can.”

“At the very least stick my D against your left cheek.”

all the time? Possibly.

Spoons, like pegging, is for some people. Not all people. You just might not be that person.

Also, you go write a song about going down on a chick. Let’s see how it turns out. I tried. It sounded just like a Yoko Ono song.

[via Esquire]