Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ Music Video Re-Created Using Only High Quality GIFs Is Truly A Work Of Art

Anyone who claims that millennials are lazy needs to watch this Macklemore music video immediately. It’s a re-creation of Macklemore‘s ‘Thrift Shop’, and it was made by a group of 21 animated GIF (pronounced ‘czhtsgggif’) artists who frequent the ‘High Quality GIFs‘ subreddit, a community of like-minded and immensely talented GIF makers.

If you’re watching the ‘Thrift Shop’ music video above and all you’re seeing is video maybe this will help, here’s an Imgur gallery you can scroll through to see each of the High Quality GIFs separately instead of fused together.

If you make GIFs and are looking to get in on this collaborative community of High Quality GIF Makers you can CLICK HERE to go and subscribe to the brand new subreddit where these moving picture manufacturers are hanging out.

And for what it’s worth, this is actually the second music video produced by the High Quality GIFs makers. The first was about a month ago and it was Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’, you can check that out here.