Miami’s Mayor Made a Video of Just How Terrible EDM Fans Are at Ultra, Plans to Cancel the Festival


It’s no secret that EDM fans act like animals hopped up on Special K at Ultra, their annual spring PLUR cult orgy in Miami. That’s because EDM fans really sorta are animals when it comes to going big or going home at Ultra. Newsflash, ravers: the city of Miami is sick of your shit, especially because your barbaric behavior is getting worse and worse and worse. Sure, you bring in  $79 million dollars to the local economy, but some people are starting to ask “is it worth it?”

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff say no. In fact, they’re calling these profits the City of Miami is making off of Ultra “blood money.” This evening the City of Miami Commission will vote on whether or not they want to continue hosting Ultra in downtown Miami. Ultra and Bayfront Park have a contract that guarantees at least 4 more festivals, but it’s in jeopardy pending city approval. The fate of the festival might come down to this footage compiled by the Mayor’s office, which shows how terrible people behave at Ultra, including a woman urinating onto the head of a passed-out man that went viral and people gate-crashing the festival site.

There’s a petition getting signatures from ravers left and right to keep Ultra in Miami, but hate to break the news to you PLUR-heads that that’s not really how local governance works. Ravers around the world feel like they are entitled to this festival by birthright for some reason, when the reality is that they aren’t owed a damn thing, especially when residents are sick of dealing with their shit. All politics, after all, are local.

You’ll always have EDC Vegas, PLUR-heads.

Local news report from the MIA below.


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