Miley Cyrus Is Covering Led Zeppelin Now. Is Anything In Life Real?

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.03.57 PM


Honestly, I respect the fuck out of Miley Cyrus for her artistic choice to evolve beyond pop songs like “Party In the USA” to something a little more… real. I know that haters don’t like her because her weirdness seems to contrived and manufactured just for the sake of being weird, but I dig it. Cyrus is going to drop a dope project with one of my favorite bands of all time, The Flaming Lips, and has covered the Arctic Monkeys’ classic “Why You Always Call Me When You’re High?” earlier this year. On Soundcloud yesterday, she dropped a cover of the Led Zeppelin classic “Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You.”

All I know is that I don’t hate it. Maybe its because stuff like this is symbolic of Cyrus’s attempt to rise beyond lame bubblegum pop that’s gotten pretty noxious as of late.

Your opinions in the comments, please.

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