Mom Finds Her 8th Grader Son’s Spotify Playlist And Loses It, Hot Sister Films The Mom’s Amazing Meltdown

Listen, mom, I get it. Some of the music out there these days sucks big, fat, donkey balls. Living in NYC for most of the past decade I missed out on a shit ton of radio time, and without hearing the crappy new Pop Music on the radio there’s really no other way to keep up with what’s out there besides checking the Spotify hot lists. I’m guessing that’s exactly what the 8th grader at the center of this video did to come up with such a bangin’ Spotify playlist (it is good, the mom just doesn’t get it). I’ve never understood the need to keep kids sheltered from music that gets played out over the radio but then again I’m not a parent or have any intention of ever becoming one.

Anyways, lost in the tweet above which has already been retweeted over 30,000 times since midnight last night is the fact that the sister who filmed her mom’s reaction and put it on Snapchat (and then Twitter) is a bonafide hottie who attends Purdue. How do I know this? Because she likes to tweet pics of herself and her crew:

It’s nice to know that the lovely ladies of Pi Beta Phi at Purdue know how to throw down for a badass party from time to time, and this chick’s tweet stream is proof of exactly that.

[h/t reddit/videos]