Map Of The Cheapest And Most Expensive Music Venues In America — Where You Should Be Seeing Concerts

Just like every band has their own style, so too does every music venue. Often when your favorite band’s on tour there’s the need for instant gratification, so you go for the concert/date that’s closest to wherever it is that you live. That is unless you’re like me, whose favorite band is Phish, and you catch 8-12 shows a year (or a lot, lot more) while traveling all around the country because the concert is different every night, and you know if you skip one night then you’ll miss that ‘Great White Buffalo’ of a concert. Other factors that might contribute to you going to a concert are how often the band tours, which can often dictate both the cost of the ticket as well as the size of the venue.

In order to get to the bottom of just where you bros should be taking in shows, ticket site ScoreBig put together a handy map showing the Most Expensive and the Least Expensive music venues in many of our nation’s biggest cities. What’s this mean for you? It means if you’re like me, and frugal when it comes to concerts that aren’t your favorite band, then you can just start scanning the web calendars of the cheapest venues and wait for shows to come to you, instead of chasing down bands like your next hit of heroin:

There’s also this handy chart that breaks down the MOST EXPENSIVE cities in America for concerts as well as the LEAST EXPENSIVE cities in America:

What you choose to do with this information is now up to you. If you were smart you’d just wait for the bands to come to you, and avoid seeing shows at NFL stadiums and NBA arenas whenever possible, because those venues are outlandishly expensive. I get that the city you live in might not be on that map, and that pisses you off, but I’m just a blogger sharing content someone else made and I really don’t give two craps about the venues in your city unless my favorite bands are playing there.

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