The Average Music Festival-Goer Would Rather Drink Than Watch Bands, According to ‘Shocking’ Study

Yes, only 45% of attendees said they went to festivals just for the beat drops, bass kicks, and crunchy grooves. 25% confessed to drinking heavily, 13% said they went to get in fights (really? douchers), and 10% said they had slept with someone they met out in the mud—and not “sleep with” in the great Bonnaroo tradition of “cram 52 acquaintances in a tent” sleep-with. You know what I'm talking 'bout.

47% also said they had done something “done something they would never consider doing outside of the music festival environment” while away from the confines of civilized society. That something? Banging Skrillex. Yep. 

I kind of loved this response to the poll, from the esteemed Professor of Cultural Studies at Salford University, George McKay:

“Festivals are deeply rooted in the carnival tradition, which is to invert everyday expectations of normal behaviour. Historically, carnivals would have a 'lord of misrule' who oversaw the revelries and subversion of the ordinary rules of life. Music festivals continue to be places where we can escape reality and subvert the rules – whatever age we happen to be.”


Shotty “Lord of Misrule” tank.

[H/T: MSN Now]