NERVO Wants Everyone To Know That DJs’ Dreams Can Happen When You Focus On The Music, Partying Hard, And Sometimes Modeling

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“We started as songwriters for other people,” says Liv who makes up ½ of the DJ group, NERVO. Speaking in a rich Australian accent she continues, “we have been writing songs since we were 14 and got our first publishing deal when we were 18.”

NERVO is a band that consists of Olivia and Miriam NERVO. The Australian sisters have rocketed into cross-over appeal and not just because of their astonishing good looks, which includes casual blondeness and inconsequential modeling behavior.

“We just took a course in Logic at the London School Of Sound and we were starting to produce ourselves,” NERVO tells BroBible. “That’s really the beginning of where NERVO was born as artists/DJs.”

After breaking out of humble Melbourne, Australia beginnings as acclaimed songwriters, NERVO burns up electronic music charts as producers. Now established DJs too, the pair living in the UK are in-demand live acts internationally and known for ferocious sets in prime clubbing destinations such as Ibiza (Spain), Miami, and Las Vegas.

“We moved to the UK to pursue our dream of making music and we worked in the studio seven days a week,” NERVO says about their beginnings as musicians. NERVO continues, “we wrote “When Love Takes Over” for David [Guetta] and that changed our lives because at that time we were just getting more and more into electronic music.”

“Luckily after “When Love Takes Over” went to number one it looked like dance music was going to cross over into the more mainstream pop world. At that time, we were DJing ourselves and started releasing records as NERVO. As the scene grew, so did our fan base and we haven’t looked back.”



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