Dave Matthews Band Just Debuted Three New Songs At Their 25th Anniversary Show, Raised $1 Million For Charity


Last night the Dave Matthews Band celebrated their 25th anniversary at John Paul Jones Arena in the hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. All the proceeds from the sold-out show went to charity, raising a total of $1 million for local Charlottesville charities. Good looks as always, Dave and company.

The audience was treated to a monster set of DMB classics, opening with a “Song That Jane Likes” (first time as an opener since 1994!), blasting through a “One Sweet World”, “#41”, “Don’t Drink The Water”, “What Would You Say”, “Warehouse”, “Jimi Thing”, etc. On top of the mainstays from the songbook, there were three notable bust-outs:  Three brand new DMB tunes.

There’s nothing better than new Dave Matthews tunes in the summer, especially if you’re a true Bro who knows how to rock the shit out of a generic, slightly frayed white college baseball hat. Here are the three new DMB tunes debuted in Charlottesville last night, via Live For Live Music:

“Samurai Cop”

“Bob Law”

Not to be confused with Bob Loblaw..


Here’s the full set, via Live For Live Music x Setlist.FM: