This ‘Take On Me’ Cover From Ninja Sex Party Is The Greatest Thing To Happen Since The Original

Who’s to say that a song cover needs to be a strange and new interpretation of the original? Ninja Sex Party, the LA based musical comedy duo doesn’t subscribe to that school of thought. Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian recognize A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ as a perfect, timeless song. The Norwegian synthpop’s song is as great today as it was back in the 80’s when it was released, and that’s why the duo of Ninja Sex Party stayed to the original.

Instead of putting a new spin on the tune Ninja Sex Party instead sang the song as it should be sung (say that five times fast), and instead they added a badass new video for ‘Take On Me’. So if you’re looking for some new material to throw up on the project I want you to go ahead and bookmark this article now, because you’ll be watching this video at least 50 times in the next 7 days:

And if you’re thinking ‘what in the actual fuck is going on here?’ I just want to remind you that Ninja Sex Party is in fact a comedy duo, this video was intended as a joke and not to be taken seriously as art.

[NSP YouTube]

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