Noel Gallagher Says Oasis Will Reunite For A Concert If They’re Paid This Sum Of Money That We Can Easily Crowdfund

Noel Gallagher has admitted that he will reunite on stage with his brother Liam for a one-time ‘Oasis reunion concert’, just as long as the two are paid this asinine sum of money. All things considered this pay day could happen for Oasis, because they could draw in a huge crowd if the concert was promoted correctly.

The figure that Noel Gallagher threw out is £20 million, which is $28.90 million USD. Seems unreasonable, but if you consider a festival setting with room for 150,000 fans that breaks out to only $192/ticket. At a stadium with 100,000 fans the cost would be $289/ticket, which seems pretty fucking unreasonable, but I’m willing to bet that an Oasis reunion concert in London could EASILY pull in those numbers.

via MetroUK:

The former Britpop star who has now found critical acclaim with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, reportedly told the Daily Star that he would ‘do it for £20 million for one gig’
‘That is good money isn’t it? But I have never had that offer from anyone yet.’
Noel and Liam were the brothers who formed the band in the 1990s but went on to have a very public and very bitter falling out.
Their tiff culminated in Noel leaving the group in 2009 after Liam took a swing at his sibling’s head with his guitar backstage before a show in Paris.
Noel previously said that fans had about a ‘one percent’ chance of the band ever reforming, admitting that ‘there would have to be extraordinary circumstances’ because ‘I don’t need the money’.

So if he doesn’t ‘need the money’ then why is he willing to go 50/50 with his brother on a pay day of $28.90 million? Does he want some ‘fuck you’ money to purchase an island, or another country estate? Because if that’s the case I think we could all get together a GoFundMe to purchase whatever the shit it is these brothers want and get him his prize in place of having to pool together nearly thirty million dollars…

Anyways, here’s ‘Wonderwall’

(h/t Metro UK)