Punk Singer Delivers Vicious Dropkick To Female Fan Trying To Take A Selfie On Stage

California pop punk band The Story So Far was performing at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto on Sunday night when a female fan decided to hop on stage to take a selfie.

This was a move that she would soon regret because that’s when the band’s singer Parker Cannon decided that with women’s back turned to him he would dropkick her right off the stage.

While the fan obviously should NOT have been on the band’s stage, this was perhaps not the best course of action for Cannon to take. I believe that’s what security is for. It’s not like the woman was interfering with their performance or messing with any members of the band. Hell, her back was turned, which makes the dropkick even more egregious.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Cannon kicked a fan off the stage. He also did at a show in Texas last year. So either one of two things are going to happen: people are going to stop going on stage at The Story So Far concerts or the band is eventually going to get sued into oblivion, if not worse, if stuff like this keeps occurring.

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