How Hot Was The Redhead Violinist In The Paul Walker Tribute At Last Night’s Billboard Awards?

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So hot! Glad we got that cleared up. So hot.

So hot.

I was half watching the Billboard Music Awards and half staring into the abyss of Tweetdeck late Sunday night when this performance began. I was instantly memorized by the violinist. Her name is Lindsey Stirling and she’s drop dead gorgeous.

And look how damn passionate she is, too. Bouncing around like that.

I wish I could put the amount of effort she put into this one song into just one damn thing in my life one day. I bet that would feel great, to care about something like she did about this song.

Anyway, I’d never heard of her until now, but I am forever a fan. She’s quite talented and quite the looker.

It looks like all her violin performances are insane.

She’s like Emma Stone with tremendous musical talent.

Keeping my fingers crossed. #echoawards #germany

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Here she is with a koala.

When in Australia #lonepinekoalasanctuary #brisbane

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I am in love. You should be too.

Oh and here she is on Sesame Street. Swoon.

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