13 Reasons You Should Go See Phish In NYC For The Historic ‘Baker’s Dozen’ 13 Concerts

by 2 years ago

Tonight is the first of 13 concerts that Phish will play at NYC’s Madison Square Garden between now and August 6th. Over the next 17 days, Phish fans from all over the world will descend upon the Greatest Arena on Earth (MSG) for a historic run of concerts. Unfortunately, I will only be able to attend 5 of the 13 concerts myself. I’d hit all 13 if I still lived in the City, but that’s just not feasible for me on this run. I wanted to put together a quick list about why you should hit up one of the ‘Baker’s Dozen’ concerts for you bros out there who are on the fence about seeing your first Phish concerts, and for you seasoned veterans alike.

The idea to do some Phish blogging on this fine afternoon came to me when I was perusing ‘CashorTrade‘. If you bros aren’t familiar with CashorTade, it’s basically the answer to the shittiness of StubHub and other 3rd party/after market ticket vendors. As the name ‘CashorTrade’ implies, you’ve got two options paying cash for the FACE VALUE of tickets, or you can trade your concert tickets for someone else’s tickets on another night or in another location. If you are thinking of going to any of the 13 Phish concerts at MSG, you should 100% use CashorTrade to ensure you won’t pay over face value…After all, the CashorTrade motto is ‘Embrace the Face’.

Before I start ranting too much, let’s check out 13 reasons you should go to at least one of the 13 ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Phish concerts at MSG:

1.) Madison Square Garden will be bouncing, literally. This isn’t just a ‘Bouncing ‘Round The Room’ reference. When Phish gets rocking, all 21,000 fans in Madison Square Garden start dancing like there’s no tomorrow. This literally causes the arena to bounce up and down. If you’ve never experience MSG rocking to a 2nd set ‘Carini’ or ‘Crosseyed and Painless’ opener then you need to get your ass in the arena and prepare to be amazed.

2.) The potential of ‘No Repeats’. Over the years, Phish has played thousands of different songs and teases. There are some songs they haven’t played in over 1,000 concerts. This band has the musical repertoire to play 13 concerts in a row at Madison Square Garden without playing any song twice. We’ll know in just a few short days if they plan on doing this. I’ve seen them play 285 songs over my past 65 shows and I’ve only seen a fraction of what the boys from Vermont have busted out. Seeing the band go 13 nights without playing any repeats would be unprecedented, and if it happens on this run it’s almost assuredly never going to happen again.

3.) Billy Joel is 100% making a guest appearance… Over the past few years, a lot has been made over Billy Joel allegedly calling Phish a ‘second rate cover band’. Billy was supposedly angry that Phish had booked the Madison Square venue for New Year’s Eve before he had the chance. After those comments, Phish came out for 4-nights at MSG and didn’t play any cover songs. A lot of fans still talk about the Billy Joel-Phish beef, and this almost assuredly means that Billy’s going to make a guest appearance one of the nights and perform a ‘Piano Man’ encore with Phish. The only way you’re going to see this historical guest appearance is to go see one of the concerts.

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