Crowd In SF Goes Nuts During Phish Show After Finding Out Giants Won The WS, Band Surprises Them With Tribute



Leading up to this weekend’s soon-to-be-epic Halloween run in Las Vegas, the most important band in the world (Phish) swung through the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco during the Giants’ game 7 against the Royals.

The crowd was obviously anxious to find out the outcome of the game so they could get back to the crunchy jams from Vermont, and when the final score his each and every iPhone in the crowd the collective hive of crusty wooks began to GO NUTS in celebration. The band quickly caught on to what was happening and treated the fans to a nice lil tribute of ‘We Are The Champions’ amidst a raging version of ‘Moma Dance.’

There’s no better band in the world than The Phish From Vermont. In fact, there’s not even a band that’s second. Because when Phish is having an off night they’re the second best thing to Phish. Also, Chris Kuroda is RAGING the lights in this clip…love seeing CK5 out in full force.


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