Neighbors Call Cops To Break Up House Party, Officer Gets On The Drums And Rages Out

Vinyl Ambush is a local band, based out of Ontario. They recently played a ‘private event’ which appears to actually be just a handful of people standing in a backyard. Footage of that gig has begun to go viral after the neighbors called the police on the party to shut it down.

The band was set up in the backyard of some house and that made the music pretty fuckin’ loud for the neighbors. So when the cops showed up, Vinyl Ambush assumed the fun was over. Much to everyone’s surprise, one of the officers hopped on the drum set and proceeded to have a jam session with the band.

Imagine being the neighbor who called the police to shut down the loud ass shenanigans. You live next door, and peer out the window to see the cops show up. Then, inexplicably, the officer gets on the drum set and starts playing louder than ever. How fucking confused are you in that moment?!

I’m guessing that after the cops left they asked the band to keep it quiet, and I’m also assuming that the reason the Peel Regional Police didn’t shut down the party is because it was before whatever the normal evening sound ordinance is. It doesn’t appear to be too late at night, so I think the band was probably well within its rights to play…Then again, I don’t know jack shit about the laws of Ontario so I could be very wrong here.

[h/t r/videos]

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