Jimmy Fallon Shared A Never Before Seen Video Of Prince Absolutely Shredding At The Star-Studded SNL40 After Party

After Saturday Night Live hosted its 40th anniversary special, pretty much every celebrity still alive on this Earth headed to an absolutely bonkers after party.

There were barely any videos from that night, but the few brief clips we were treated to made the event look nuts. Taylor Swift jamming with Paul McCartney. Bill Murray grooving to Bob Seger.

All those videos are gone now, naturally. Private affair for famous people and the what not. But on Saturday Night Live‘s tribute to Prince, Fallon shared this video of Prince’s performance in its entirety.

And if you’d like to watch 90 minutes of Fallon s’ing his own d while introducing the clip, feel free to do that, too.

Now, sure, that performance crushed. But was it as good as all these?

[H/T Esquire]