PSA Southern Bros: You’ll Feel Feels Seeing Jason Isbell Reunite With The Drive-By Truckers In Nashville Last Night

The Drive-By Truckers are one of the great southern rock ‘n roll bands of all time. I highly recommend everyone experience the raw joy of driving through the Southeast with Southern Rock Opera blaring at full volume. They’re a must-see live if you love gritty, finger-nails-in-the-dirty Americana music.

Singer/songwriter Jason Isbell was one of the main forces of the band when they broke through in the early ’00s. He split with the band to do his own thing, becoming a force of his own with his solo career. It’s a great example of when break-ups go right, with Drive-By-Truckers going on to produce American Band — one of the their best albums in over a decade — and Isbell forging his own path, now a mainstay in the exploding alt-country scene with the ilk of Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton.

Last night at the historic The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Isbell came out to perform with DBT, marking the first reunion in a while. Together they performed “Heathens”, sending a cold chill down the spine with Isbell harmonizing on “It’s the same old shit that I ain’t gonna take off anyone.”

Feel the feels, Southern Bros.

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