Singer PSY Performing For A Sold Out Concert In South Korea Is TRIPPY AF

PSY has been a worldwide star since 2012 when his ‘Gangnam Style’ eclipsed over 1 billion views on YouTube. He hasn’t exactly disappeared in America since then and he even managed to follow up ‘Gangnam Style’ with another hit, but I wouldn’t say that PSY has managed to remain extremely relevant in Western culture over the past few years…But that’s the West.

In South Korea, where PSY hails from, he’s still arguably the biggest star in the country. He’s performing sold out shows in his home country, and the crowd is so jacked up for the performance at Yonsei University in Seoul that it looks eerily reminiscent of Michael Jackson concerts from the 1980’s, or Beatles shows from the 60’s. Everyone is whipped up into an absolute frenzy, and it’s trippy as all hell.

I wasn’t familiar with this song, ‘New Face’, and if you aren’t either then you can watch the official music video for the track below. It has only been out for 12 days but it’s already managed to pick up 30 MILLION views, the equivalent of 119 years of time spent watching this video:

[h/t r/videos]

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