You Will Enjoy the ‘Rappers Shouting Out Their Jewish Lawyers’ Supercut More Than You Think

You grow even more pale. You lose even more friends. You work 100-hour weeks.

Then one day, a paper lands on your desk. It's for a new client. The name—Cameron Ezike Giles—sounds familiar. You're told to help him negotiate a deal with Sony Records. Things seem to go well.

And then your new client, Cam'ron, shouts you out in a song.


I actually am stunned at the sheer number of references to Jewish lawyers found in hip-hop. 25-year-olds are definitely throwing them into contracts. “I'm sure we can cut that fee to 5% with a couple of mixtape shout-outs, Mr. Action Bronson.”

[H/T: Slacktory]

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