Rick Ross Remixed Adele’s ‘Hello’ And Has The Teflon Don Gone Soft!?

Yo, Adele’s Hello is a beautiful track and everything (three years in the making, it better be), but did I expect Rick Ross to remix it? Hell no! Now I’m sitting here questioning whether Ricky Rozay done gone soft or something. Totally the last thing I expected to hear from the Teflon Don ahead of his eagerly anticipated album Black Market, which is set to drop in December.

You guys can be the judge. Maybe Rick Ross been holdin’ back from us his sensual side. Maybe the Maybach Music man has some issues he needs to work through, and the only way to do it is in the booth jamming out to some Adele. Give a listen; Ross’ verse starts at the 1:50 mark.

Soft? Or harder than ever? Maybe going this soft is the new gangster? I need Rick Ross to tell me what this remix was all about.

[h/t Deadspin via Pitchfork]